Friday, March 20, 2020

Hey Millennials, The Government and Mainstream Media Hates That You are Ignoring Them and Having a Good Time.

In  A Mencken Chrestomathy, H. L. Mencken defined Puritanism as "The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."

This goes doubly for government officials and the mainstream media. If you ignore their edicts about what is good for you and the world and continue on having a good time, they are going to be furious.

Right now, they are furious at millennials for not heeding their warnings about COVID-19, which is essentially a killer of the elderly and those who have serious chronic health conditions.

That millennials heading to spring break, to party and catch some sun, has the establishment overlords beside themselves, not to mention that millennials have labeled, in a humorous but roughly accurate way, COVID-19 as the "boomer remover."

The vitamin D, by the way, that millennials get from hitting the beach is probably one of the most important things millennials can do to fight off the virus.

But as millennials may have noticed over the last 48 hours, the number of reports that COVID-19 is also a serious threat to youth is being promoted. Interesting.

Things have gotten so bad on the crazed propaganda front that even Trump's chief medical fearmonger Tony Fauci has had to walk things back and state that youth who are displaying serious reactions to the virus have all had underlying health issues.

The New York Post provides an object lesson on how the mainstream wants to scare millennials out of their wits for no reason.

A story appeared on Thursday in the Post.

This was the headline:

 20-year-old coronavirus victim was told ‘no need to worry’ by doctors

Paragraph one reads:
The tragic 20-year-old soccer coach who is one of the youngest known coronavirus victims had been sent home twice while seeking help — told by his doctor that there was “no need to worry,” according to his family.
Paragraph two reads:
 Spanish youth coach Francisco Garcia — who would have turned 21 in October — initially thought he had a common cold when he fell ill on March 6, his stepfather, Juan Fernandez, told the Sun.
Paragraph three reads:
“He had a sore throat but he didn’t have a temperature,” Fernandez said, with his stepson seeing his doctor in Malaga three days later.
Paragraph four reads:
“His doctor told him to take paracetamol [acetaminophen] and sent him home and said there was no need to worry.”
Paragraph five reads:
They took him to a different health center the following day — just for him to be sent home again, this time with antibiotics, the grieving relative told the UK paper.
Paragraph six reads:
“By the next day, he couldn’t stand up properly and he had a fever,” Fernandez said, saying they drove Francisco to Carlos Haya Hospital, where he was immediately admitted and put on a ventilator.
Pretty scary stuff, right? But there is more.

Paragraph seven reads:
“That was the last time Irene and I saw him,” the stepdad said, referring to Francisco’s mother, Irene Gomez, 42, who the Sun says was too devastated to talk.
Paragraph eight reads: 
“We knew coronavirus was killing people — but we never thought it would kill Francis,” he told the paper.
Paragraph nine reads:
Garcia, a youth team coach at Malaga club Atletico Portada Alta, was initially diagnosed with pneumonia before testing positive for coronavirus.
I mean, this is it, a healthy young man taken out in his prime by COVID-19.

But look at what is buried in paragraph 10. Paragraph 10!!:
A day later, blood work showed he also had leukemia, his family said. 

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  1. This was on Monday 16 on RT:
    saying that "he suffered from leukemia" and implying his illness was well-known