Thursday, March 19, 2020

CNN's Chris Cuomo: Pandemic Could Flare For 18 Months

Okay, CNN's Chris Cuomo has gone totally over the top in terms of Trump hate and COVID-19 fearmongering. It was so bad that even chief Trump administration medical fearmonger Tony Fauci had to slip and reveal some truths.

Cuomo needs to be quarantined for the duration.

Just watch the clip below.

 President Trump signed on Wednesday the Defense Production Act.

 In a tweet, Trump noted that he would not immediately use any of the measures the Act allows him to use, that it provides him with standby authority. It makes sense if you think government should be in the middle of this thing.

But Cuomo attacked Trump for not using the measures immediately. without mentioning what these measures are or why they should be implemented immediately. It was just total rage at combover man. So naturally, he then had to stir up the masses about COVID-19 and imply that Trump wasn't doing a good enough job battling the virus and it could get much worse.

Cuomo told his audience that CNN has a copy of a government contingency plan because the virus might flare in waves for 18 months.

That fear-mongering was so over the top that Dr. Fearmonger, himself, Tony Fauci, had to walk it back and reveal some truth. He stated for the first time, although somewhat obliquely, that COVID-19 is likely to die down in the warm weather and that when it returns in the fall, the virus will be much better understood and that it will be much easier to battle.

But Cuomo wasn't through. Mainstream media and the power freaks in government just hate the fact that millennials are heroically ignoring the fearmongering. The intense spin over the last 24 hours has been that young people are also getting the virus who have to be hospitalized.

The White House coronavirus response coordinator, Dr. Deborah L. Birx, was at the forefront of this propaganda yesterday. I wonder what kind of animal George Orwell would have used to describe this creature.

But Cuomo went so far off the reservation when he used this claim that Fauci had to walk even this back and while babbling a lot about "social responsibility," he admitted that the young who have been hospitalized have severe underlying health problems.




  1. I agree with RW that the congresscritters and bureaucrats should be quarantined (I would urge indefinitely). But I would like to add a word of support for those who seem to be indulging in panic buying of paper products and canned goods. As RW has pointed out, inflation is likely to become a significant problem due to the governments inflationary activities. In addition politicians are threatening and implementing on a limited scale mandatory quarantines and business shut downs. Politicians are creating incredible uncertainty, and these purchases might be peoples best option to mitigate the uncertainty they face. Its impossible to know how long these uncertainties will last and paper products and canned goods have long shelf lives.

  2. The run on toilet paper is the great unwashed masses pre-emptive vaccination against the stupidity of the ruling class who would like to shut down everything to get rid of Orangeman Bad and the rest of the deplarable undermenschen