Thursday, May 16, 2019

Jared Kushner's Idiotic Immigration Plan

Jared Kushner,
President Trump is set to announce today a new immigration system for the country.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's husband, is said to have played a major role in developing the plan.

The plan is anti-family and takes a decidedly central planning perspective as to what types of immigrants should be allowed in the country. As if Kushner knows better than free markets, what types of immigrants should be allowed in the country.

When F.A. Hayek wrote about fatal conceit, this the type of thinking he had in mind.

The New York Times reports:
The proposal, senior administration officials said on Wednesday, would vastly scale back the system of family-based immigration that for decades has allowed immigrants to bring their spouses and children to live with them, the officials said. In its place, the new plan would provide opportunities for immigrants who have specific skills or job offers to work in the United States, provided they can demonstrate English proficiency and educational attainment, and pass a civics exam.
The plan sounds an awful lot like the plan immigrant-hating Trump advisor Stephen Miller supported more than a year ago.

I discussed Miller's idiotic views on immigration a year ago:



  1. Trump does whatever President Kushner tells him to do.

  2. As a retired engineer, I can say that those Indian engineers were very, very,...inexpensive.

    1. Which is why you give them the tasks you don't want to do yourself because they're menial and repetitive (like updating tables or backoffice stuff) and focus on the more important projects. That's what I do.

  3. I was watching the president's official unveiling of his master plan yesterday (while holding my lunch) and besides the series of lies and exaggerations he spewed, for instance the whopped about family members being able to sponsor their whole extended family (a gratuitous lie), there was the apparent admiration for the highly-touted immigration points system practiced by some countries like Canada or New Zealand and the fact that their family-based immigration is proportionally smaller than their points-based migration system. The problem with such thinking is that the president and his advisors (I was listening to one of his advisors this morning talking to NPR about the new plan) are making a simplistic comparison between statistics. The fact that there is more family-based immigration in the US is a reflection of the sheer complexity of the system but it does not mean that family-based immigration is a problem that needs to be combated, like restrictionists such as Fascist Tom Cotton, Creepy David Perdue and Spooky Stephen Miller would want. Family-based immigration in Canada or New Zealand is lower in proportion to merit-based immigration only because merit-based immigration is far EASIER. Canada, New Zealand and other such countries actually accept more immigrants in proportion to their population size than the US.

    I do have to give the president, or maybe Mr. Kushner, professional son-in-law, credit for wanting to make the immigration system much less complicated and more rational, but the problem is that Trump is perhaps the very WORST salesman one could possibly put in charge of promoting this plan because he as he keeps insisting on presenting the plan as a system that brings over people with "merits" over people of so-called "low-skills", cynics and Trump bashers will spin the word "merit" to mean "being white".

    The best immigration system possible should be one based on entirely by market forces, by supply and demand. Such a system does not require complicated visa systems, just a permit from the government to come in and settle, if at all (I am not advocating for permits, by the way, but I would tolerate them as a better alternative than visa systems meant to keep unions and racists happy).

  4. We don't need more immigrants, legal or otherwise. And certainly not tens of thousands of slave wage tech workers from India to take the jobs of American professionals. If I were advising Trump I'd tell him to call for a one year (at least) hiatus on all immigration.

    1. Hello, Robert what?,

      Don't you ever presume to know what "we" need. You're no one to tell the rest of us what we don't need. "We" need you your conceited prescriptions like "we" need a hole in the head.

    2. Indeed Torres. What Robert doesn't understand is that the USA is actually in desperate need of more unskilled, fentanyl smuggling MS-13 gang members to fill the jobs of software engineers and neurosurgeons that lazy white Americans refuse to do.

    3. @Old Mexican - don't you presume to tell me what I can and cannot think or say. What the United States is being subjected to is nothing short of an invasion. And you, apparently, applaud it.

    4. Hello, Robert what?,

      I'm not telling you what to think, I'm telling you you are no one to presume what the rest of humanity needs. And the United Staes is not being invaded. Whatever you're taking for your stress is making you hallucinate, as in seeing stuff that doesn't exist.