Sunday, April 28, 2019

Trump Attacks Judge Napolitano

Judge Napolitano
Wow, what is going on between President Trump and Judge Napolitano?

And who was Napolitano seeking a pardon for? Did Trump think it was a setup?

And Trump is correct in the below tweets. I have pointed out before that Napolitano has taken a very hostile posture against Trump.



  1. I was hoping that, as one of the few libertarians with direct access to Trump, Napolitano might have approached Trump to ask for pardons for Assange, Manning, Snowden, and Ulbricht.

  2. How is Trump correct when he puts the word judge between cynical quotes? Do you trust the word of a man who lies even when he doesn't even need to when he claims Napolitano came to grovel for a job?

    I'm telling you what is happening between Andrew Napolitano, principled libertarian and constitutional expert, and Trump, a New York confidence man, fraud and tax cheat: the judge does not want to participate in a game that some in his circle of Fox News co-workers are playing, which is to obfuscate and to equivocate in the name of holy Trump. That's all. Napolitano says it as he sees it. I've listened to the judge ever since he started his Freedom Watch stream, which was then moved to Fox Business; I've read most of what he has published. He has been as consistent in his principles as representative Ron Paul. He has never wavered when it comes to his core values. Trump, instead, has changed his mind as he has changed wives. He prevaricates at the drop of a hat. What's going on between Trump and Napolitano is what happens between a liar and cheat from whom his mask is removed by an honest man, and the honest man.

  3. I thought libertarians, especially anarchist, should be very hostile towards Trump? He’s a murderer, to top off all the other horrific things he is. Turn on the real heat Judge.

  4. I havent called the Idiocrat in Chief since his election for nothing. He is a fool and his arrogance is such that he has no clue.

  5. Hostile to Trump? High praise indeed.

  6. Judge sold his soul to the deep state. Libertarians fold like cheap suits under the pressure, every time.

  7. Being hostile toward Trump is one thing, Josh, making things up out of whole cloth is another. Witness the Judge's recent opinion of the Barr summary that was published today on LRC:
    Professor Rozeff has a good commentary/rebuttal to Napolitano's wild musings:
    It's like the Judge has gone off his minarchist rocker! Perhaps the CD is finally getting to him.