Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Brilliant Donald Trump

The New York Times informs:
President Trump last week privately urged Kevin McAleenan, the border enforcement official he was about to name as acting secretary of homeland security, to close the southwestern border to migrants despite having just said publicly that he was delaying a decision on the step for a year, according to three people briefed about the conversation.

It was not clear what Mr. Trump meant by his request or his additional comment to Mr. McAleenan that he would pardon him if he encountered any legal problems as a result of taking the action.
It should be clear by now even to the most diehard Trump fanboy that President Trump has no intellectual depth or curiosity.

This doesn't mean though that he can't be positively brilliant in a street-hustling manner.

To urge government officials to break the law under the promise of a pardon, if there were recriminations against them, is positively brilliant if you are a supporter of an all-powerful ruler. Policy and rule by pardon, not even Woodrow Wilson or FDR thought of such a thing. There is nothing close to it in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Trump has broken new ground with a brilliant stroke of absolute all-powerful policy madness.


  1. If this tactic is used, successfully, expected it to be used by future presidents - Democrats & Republicans - to the detriment of all freedom and liberty loving people.

  2. Don't forget, Trump's MO is to demand two or three times what he thinks he can get, and then settle in the middle so the other side believes they have won. That being said, up until last week I would have said he had thrown his supporters under the bus. But who knows which Trump we'll see next week? Is he playing five dimensional chess, or is his brain being clogged up by all the McDonald's and Diet Pepsi? Is there a way to tell the difference?

  3. No matter how you feel about him, the fact that he has promised to bus illegal immigrants to Sanctuary Cities, completely exposing the blatant hypocrisy of Democrats for all the world to see, is something no other Republican to my knowledge has ever done.
    If Trump has no intellectual baggage, then what does that say about everyone that came before him? It says that either they were too stupid to even clean my house, or that they were so corrupt in terms of representing their voters as to refuse exposing that Democratic virtue signaling is based on a big fat lie. Probably because they didn't want Democrats to do it to them.

  4. Do you believe NYT anonymous sources?