Thursday, April 18, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Incredible Propaganda Machine

The socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is out with a new message "from the future" where she narrates about the great victories she has won in the battle to bring the Green New Deal to the masses.

It is extremely clever. It is also, of course, all nonsense.

Lefties lack deep probing intellectual skills and this video is a perfect example.

It is all about simple solutions to complex or non-existent problems. It ignores deep thinking about what these simple solutions would really mean for the country.

It is what the Noble prize winning economist F. A. Hayek meant when calling out the "fatal conceit." AOC appears to believe she can pretty much centrally plan everything for everyone.

She is, of course, wrong. The most that she can do is gain power and rule over us.

I'll take freedom over AOC's plans for me any day. I have a full series of videos here on a variety of topics detailing why AOC's central planning views can't possibly work.

Meanwhile, here is AOC and her clever presentation as to why she claims to have the central planning answer for everything:

Of course, if she really has this desire to control everything in a part of the world, she should take up stamp collecting.



  1. Progressives are lazy thinkers, and impatient for their imagined Utopia; They're only happy as long as something---anything---is being done by the "expert" planners and leaders in and around the government seat of power.

    1. What you say coupled to dwindling intelligence in this country to discern truth from tripe is the Elephant in the room that will crush us all


  2. George Carlin’s antidote to the Arrogant Meddler: