Friday, March 1, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard on The Tucker Carlson Show

This is really excellent.

It shows what Tulsi Gabbard is all about.




  1. If we are to have a Democrat President next, please let it be her.
    As Ben Franklin observed: "There is no good war, and no bad peace." That is axiomatic, and should be the creed of all moral, decent people everywhere.

  2. When I see both of these people agreeing that these wars are just creating more problems, I can't help but remember that Ron Paul is really the one who pushed this view into mainstream politics and got people thinking about the effects of wars. Thank you Dr. Paul!!

  3. She'll never be elevated president. Why? The Hayek rule about who rises to the top is her barrier.

  4. Elected, not elevated. So much for autocomplete.