Friday, March 22, 2019

Top Priority of Trump's New Attorney General: Fighting Drug Abuse

William Barr
The Wall Street Journal reports:
Even as reporters and television crews staked out Justice’s headquarters Friday morning looking for signs of Mr. Mueller and his team, Mr. Barr was in Virginia, touring Drug Enforcement Administration facilities to get up to speed on one of his priorities, fighting the nation’s drug-abuse crisis.
Aides said Mr. Barr will begin to unroll his agenda in a series of policy speeches in coming weeks...
Oh great, something the government should have no role in. See chapter 4; "The Drug Pusher and chapter 5 "The Drug Addict" of Walter Block's Defending the Undefendable: The Pimp, Prostitute, Scab, Slumlord, Libeler, Moneylender, and Other Scapegoats in the Rogue's Gallery of American Society



  1. That's about as important as cracking down on horse thieves, or selling repeating rifles to the Indians.

  2. The Book "Compromised" by Terry Reed.
    Read about Mr. Barr in that book if you want to know where he is coming from