Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Ron Paul of Israel Could Determine Israel's Next Prime Minister

Moshe Feiglin 
Dr. Walter Block emails:

Dear Bob:

Moshe Feiglin is known as the Ron Paul of Israel.

A libertarian ultra-Zionist party could determine Israel's next prime minister

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Walter E. Block, Ph.D.
Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics      Loyola University New Orleans



  1. It's interesting to hear people in the USA say that Israel controls our foreign policy, but then you see that Israelis also believe they're being controlled by the USA.

    It's all just a big orgy with prostitutes from every country. If you're only watching the prostitutes from your country, then you'll believe that it's only your country getting screwed.

  2. Libertarian but advocates stealing private property from Arabs? Maybe not..

    1. Not stealing, buying them out voluntarily so we can end the conflict. As far as I know, buying property is consistent with libertarian principle.

    2. I'd contend that the only moral solution is for every single person in the Gaza and West Bank be given the same political, economic and travel freedoms Israeli citizens have in Israel proper.

      Israel is the only ruling authority over the West Bank and Gaza - it can't have the land and not the people By extension, it has to give up its Jewish supremacist identity.

    3. My question for Rafi is this: In your debate on the Tom Woods Show with Jeremy Hammond, you said you want the Dome of the Rock relocated but that the Al-Asqa Mosque can stay. Even putting aside that even that is in doubt if you want to build the temple to Solomonic Specifications, what should happen if whoever owns the land where the Dome of the Rock is refuses to sell?(Because something tells me that the Israeli Zionists aren't going to go:"Oh well, guess we can't build the Third Temple....*sigh*" ).

  3. A Jewish State and a Democratic State are mutually-exclusive; You can't be both, and it seems like they're still clutching at that non-sequitur.