Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pompeo Announces US Pulling All Diplomats from Venezuela

Sec. of State Pompeo
US chaos creation and economic destruction have apparently hit a new peak in Venezuela.

For the US, the socialist mad man destruction of President Maduro isn't enough. The US imposed sanctions, with the power grid now down, make matters worse in an exponential fashion. People are desperate and it is dangerous very dangerous in the country. Thus, the Secretary of State is pulling all diplomats out of Venezuela.



  1. The document from SoS Pompeo should read as follows:

    Because the US government will not mind its own business all US personnel will be withdrawn from the US Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela.

    The idiotic decision of the Trump administration to intervene in the matters of the sovereign country of Venezuela has worked to destabilize conditions there and placed embassy staff and their dependents at great risk, up to and including possible loss of life. For this reason, embassy staff and their dependents will be withdrawn.

    P.S. Embassy staff and their dependents in foreign locations take note: future US foreign policy decisions may place you and your dependents in the same positions as your peers in Venezuela.

  2. Venezuela was already going to hell. Getting involved like this will just give socialists a scapegoat that they can blame instead of admitting socialism has failed repeatedly. There is no way it would have helped matters, so why stick our noses in it?