Monday, March 11, 2019

Facebook Blocking Zero Hedge Content

Update below.

Sean M. emails:

Hi Robert,

Something that you might find interesting/noteworthy. I recently tried sending a Zero Hedge article (related to Trump's support of permanent daylight savings time) through a private Facebook message/chat and got the following message:


This is the first time anything like this happened to me. I couldn't believe it so I reached out to ZH direct to let them know and received the following response:

"Indeed, they are. If possible "let them know" they are engaged in censorship of credible and verified information."

Facebook provides a link which allows you to "let them know" if you think this doesn't go against their Community Standards. I did so.



Reports indicate sharing ZeroHedge articles now appears to be working again.


  1. You shouldn't be surprised. Facebook is also blocking content regarding vaccines. Apparently sharing facts like not being able to sue vaccine makers, the lack of a true placebo controlled vaccinated vs unvaccinated study, industry whistle blowers, etc. is fake news. I suspect we'll see more of this.

  2. But hey, at least it's not 'gubmint' suppressing free speech according to libertardians.

    1. Save that comment for when you hear a libertarian asking the government to do something about it. Until then your argument is nothing more than a straw man.