Monday, March 11, 2019

College Football Player Wears ‘Democratic Socialists of America’ Pin During Team’s White House Visit

They are everywhere. Not a good sign.

A North Dakota State University football player was photographed wearing a Democratic Socialists of America pin on his jacket during his team’s visit to the White House on Monday, reports Fox News.

Jack Albrecht, a computer engineering major and backup offensive lineman, is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America’s Red River Valley chapter in North Dakota. The chapter treasurer told the Washington Post that Albrecht “wanted to make a quiet statement” during his team’s visit the White House.

The team was visiting the White House to celebrate the school’s Football Championship Subdivision title.



  1. Jocks and engineers tend to not be left leaning, much less socialist. It makes me wonder which issue(s) he really cares about. He probably believes that it's the path of least resistance to getting laid. This holds true for a lot of guys who are vegan or talk about socialism.

    If you're fawning over a girl in your local DSA chapter, she won't be impressed by your football/engineering prowess and much less by your visit to a republican white house. On the other hand, such a woman would be absolutely delighted by subversion of any kind while at the white house.

    He handled it perfectly: he took a picture of a pin and put it on social media. He can impress the girl but not rock the boat with his football people or with his visit to the white house. If he was a socialist true believer, he would have done something far more newsworthy (like when a journalist threw a shoe at George W Bush).