Thursday, February 28, 2019

INCREDIBLE: Judge Napolitano vs. Alan Dershowitz

Michael Cohen
What the hell is up with Judge Napolitano?

A Trump organization worker scorned and headed to jail, Michael Cohen, goes into a full hissy-fit fury before Congress and Judge Napolitano amazingly thinks it could cause serious legal liability for Trump.

At the same time, the constitutional and criminal lawyer, Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, seems to have a much more calm and reasonable take.

Just watch the difference between these two. It's pretty amazing.





  1. One-proves how Judge Nap is SO against President Trump. Don't understand why when President Trump is giving us our freedoms back the best he can. But more importantly it shows how a federal judge on one hand, a prominent attorney on the other hand, disagree. So how is the average person supposed to "know the law"???

    1. You're jesting. How is increasing the police state juat to rid us of an imaginary "brown horde" the same as increasing our freedoms? How is maming the stuff most of us buy more expensive just because we're not nationallistic... I mean "patriotic" enough, conducive to a freer life?

      Please. Tell a different story, one that's more believable.

  2. It seems to me Judge Napolitano's commentary comes from a place that is more knowledgeable than Dershowitz's. The Judge gave proper disclaimers of "if true", and he's talking specifically about perjury, which is the most likely charge that could be brought against Trump -- just like Clinton 20 years ago.

    Dershowitz is talking about specific allegations that, in themselves, are not crimes. The Judge wasn't talking about that. Dershowitz also blew off the "he never intended to win the presidency" as "the stuff of novels", but none of us believed Trump thought he'd be, or really wanted to be president. Maybe Cohen's claims are just confirmation bias for us, but nonetheless, it's a plausible claim.

    The Judge's commentary is cogent. It may not be the way things pan out, but it's as reasonable -- I'd say more so -- than most other commentators.

  3. I would listen to the judge. He is more acquainted with Trump than Dershowitz. I don't doubt Dershowitz's legal chops but the judge knows what he is talking about.

    It wasn't a hissy-fit in front of Congress. Cohen told Congress that Trump's businesses are being investigated by the Souther District of New York Feds and also the State of New York. Maybe it's the Deep State or the lizard people who are behind everything, but it's more likely Trump --despite trying to hide himself behind a phony presidential campaign he didn't expect to win just like the Duchy of Grand Fenwick didn't expect to win a war against the US yet eventually won the election-- is indeed a criminal, the Feds were not fooled and the judge is seeing the obvious.