Sunday, February 17, 2019

If You Aren't Scared of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Yet...

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the below video.

Yes, the socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez does talk a lot of nonsense in the video which is a recording of her inaugural address in the Bronx, NY that she delivered on Saturday.

But, keep in mind that she is only 29 years old.

What I found most fascinating was the way she seemed to absorb the crowds when it cheered her. Trump reacts the same way, and you know who also did back in the day.

As she continues to deliver speeches, she will learn how to bring out these cheers more and more. She will know exactly what to say and how to say it.

For good or bad, and it is likely very bad, we are seeing the early stages of a very powerful leader developing.



  1. Absolutely terrifying. She is building a collectivist community religion with herself as the leader. It seems as if she was trained in South American socialist leadership tactics.

  2. Still not afraid of her. And never will be.

  3. She really belongs in Venezuela defending Maduro...

  4. Me neither! I’m with you!
    We should start a JUSTICE REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS Movement and do the same thing they’re doing!
    Target these districts and unseat them, primary them, both RINOS and Democrats!!