Thursday, January 10, 2019

The History of Criminal Immigrants

Below Johan Norberg takes a look at the perspective that immigrants used to blend in, behave well, and work hard.

But this time, it’s different. The immigrants now are different.




  1. This is quaint and at best idealistic and one thing makes it so. Its that "america owes us something" result of empire building blowback. Not everyone comes to enjoy the living standard here!

  2. There is a difference this time.

    Then: No welfare state and few socialized government services.
    Today: A large and generous welfare state and many socialized government services. And it is utilized by immigrants in significant proportions. See:

    Another difference? Volume. See this chart: And before you can say 'but' here's CNN confirming:

    The modern normal rate for the last many years except for a short dip in the early 2000s is close to the peak years of yesteryear. Roughly 1.125 million legal immigrants per year. That's close to the peak years of the early 20th century and far away more than any period outside of ~1905-1915.

    Another difference?
    Then: A free or almost free market.
    Now: A crony capitalist system with some free market pockets here and there.

    So yes, it is different this time. Factually different. I shouldn't have to say what these three major differences mean economically to this audience. Ignoring them and extinguishing discussion of them doesn't make them go away and won't stop the political conflict on this issue.

  3. The difference is the legality/ illegality. This creates a caste system which leads to many problems, just as the caste system caused by racism lead to many problems in the black community. People who want to stop illegal immigration are generally just wanting to stop the illegal part of it which is absolutely different than the Chinese, Irish, Italian, etc. Immigrations which were for the most part done legally. With the exception of racists both against illegal immigration (some who post on this forum) and racists for illegal immigration ( some who post on this forum), the argument is not about the immigration but the manner in which it is done and the real, and measurable consequences that result.

    To say there is no cost to society from illegal immigration is as absurd as saying that immigration in general doesn't have benefit. But calling everyone racist and fighting windmills is just posturing and virtue signaling. If you think unchecked immigration can have no negative consequences, you are "dead wrong". Just ask the native Americans, most of whom are just plain old dead as a result.