Sunday, January 20, 2019

“Social Justice” = Slavery

Thomas DiLorenzo writes:

Reading about all the young ignorant, uneducated, “millennials” who proudly label themselves “socialists” or “social justice warriors” (same thing) reminded me of a question posed by my old friend Professor Walter E. Williams in a speech he gave at my university several years ago.  The question is:  What would you call a system that used force, violence, coercion, and intimidation to compel one person to work for the benefit of another person or persons?  Whenever I ask this of one of my undergraduate classes it usually takes about five seconds for someone to blurt out, “slavery!”  Exactly.  The class then becomes very uncomfortable and unhappy looking when I ask if there is any different between this and the welfare state or the “social justice” that so many of them have been indoctrinated into celebrating.



  1. Stories like this are important, not just because it's a nice victory for liberty if even a small number of students are "red-pilled," but because it's a heart-warming reminder to the Remnant that, notwithstanding the suffocating nature of today's state, there are professors out there -- like DiLorenzo, Williams, Block (and the rest of the Mises Institute alumni) -- who, on a daily basis, are conveying our ideas to the next generation.

  2. No, you see the bourgeoisie hired and therefore exploited the proletariat and kept all of the capital for themselves. Then Piketty came and told us that the big ball of capital would spontaneously grow so large that it would come crashing down and kill us all.

    Therefore, socialism is an act of self defense.

  3. Their logic;
    Social is good
    Justice is good
    Therefore Social Justice must be good

    It's good branding. I know people calling this and that like Hitler is really overdone, but he was a person who blamed a certain ethnic group for much of society's ills, sought to correct this social wrong through force and the silencing of dissenting opinions, and also portrayed this group as having been the instigators of Capitalism which he sought to end by way of a nationalised socialist system. He branded it well also, and got elected.