Sunday, January 13, 2019

House Bill H.R. 1, The “For the People Act,” Will Be Used By Mitch McConnell as Toilet Paper

The inaugural bill in the 116th Congress is titled, “For the People Act."

If by "People" the bill means Democrats, it is certainly accurate, it for sure does not mean Republican "People."

The bill in parts is aimed directly at President Trump. It requires that every presidential candidate disclose 10 years’ worth of tax returns; demands that presidential appointees recuse themselves on matters related to the President, his or her spouse, or any of their interests.

In full the bill is 571 pages of mad Democratic schemes, a lot attempting to favor efforts to make it easier for Democrats to vote, including automatic voter registration, online voter registration and same day voter registration.

The bill declares Election Day to be a federal holiday. To encourage student voting, the bill designates colleges and universities as voter registration agencies eligible for resources under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and eliminates the need for a stamp on absentee ballots.

Democrats could unanimously vote to pass H.R. 1, but Senator Mitch McConnell has already promised that the bill will not even get a vote in the upper chamber.



  1. The more time spent by Congress on these useless, virtue-signaling activities, the less time spent on passing liberty-crushing legislation.

  2. Looks like a bill to get more illegals able to vote, because we all know they are all flocking to the US to implement a limited government NAP, PP society. Libertarians rejoice of course.