Thursday, January 17, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's First House Speech Breaks Online Viewing Records

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
The socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s first speech on the floor of Congress broke digital viewing records for C-SPAN, garnering over a million views on Twitter in roughly 12 hours.

During the 3 minute and 55 second speech on the House floor, AOC railed against the government shutdown. It was pretty boring stuff but what I noticed was the rhythm and cadence of the speech especially toward the end.
At one point she said:
It is not normal to hold 800,000 workers’ paychecks hostage. It is not normal to shut down the government when we don’t get what we want. And it is certainly not normal to starve the people we serve for a proposal that is wildly unpopular among the American people.
The repetitive use of words such as "not normal" at one point,  and "stressful enough" at another point in the speech, suggests she is really good at knowing how to write a speech that will rally the unthinking masses or has a speechwriter that does.

This speech came nowhere near doing it but at the right wrong time, she is going to deliver a speech that is going to be a barnburner that will advance socialism in America by a great leap.

All she did with this speech is prove she has a very powerful and tuned-in following.



(ht Chris Rossini)


  1. It proves that in a nation of 330 million people there are a million or so idiotic young brainwashed socialist millennials who, because they are unemployed, have the time to watch their heroine on C-SPAN in he middle of the afternoon on a weekday. By the way, Sandy Ocasio --the name all her friends use -- got a mere 14,000 votes in her Democratic primary in a district where the Democrat is always guaranteed to win.

  2. "And it is certainly not normal to starve the people we serve..."

    Is she suggesting that we serve the fedgov employees?

  3. I have to remember that Trump won with many factual errors and knowledge deficits apparent throughout the campaign, and he won. I'm starting to buy it now. I've been listening to folks lecture about the power of persuasive semantics (for a crude, but fun version, search Owen Benjamin's talk on Wizards, followed by Vox Day for some refinement - both on YouTube). It was her repition that sold me (she's "casting a spell"). This woman is incredibly dangerous.

  4. Dear Unthinking masses,

    The world and this reality owes you nothing. Once you embrace the control of your own journey you can then do for yourself. If you want to continue to sit on your ass and wait for someone like her to save you ... you will die in the street or starve holed up in a room somewhere.

    At least if you DONT choose the failed path of Socialism ... there are options.

  5. Is it just me, or are those 3rd row cows a different color than those first two rows?

  6. Every time I see her, I think of the saying "Never look a gift horse in the mouth."