Friday, November 9, 2018

Ross Ulbricht is in Solitary Confinement

This is just terrible news.  Ross refused to take part in a fight so now he is in solitary confinement.

Ross needs to be freed.

Tweet this out to everyone, make some noise. especially send it to @DonaldJTrumpJr, he might be a fruitful angle to reach his father for a pardon.



  1. This guy should be nominated for sainthood.

  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there is no more proof needed of the incomparable evil that is the state than situations like this and Julian Assange. Tortured lives for non-violent actions which offended the state. And nary a peep from the media, who are too busy covering whether Acosta should have yielded the microphone, nor all those virtue-signaling Americans who march for whatever topic their grievance-studies professors told them is critical to civilization.

    1. This sort of situation puts the political dog and pony show into real perspective! Keep droning on about what party does what while the real power brokers tighten the totalitarian knot around everyones neck and see what it gets you!

  3. USA, leader of the "Free World"...the "shining city on the hill". What B.S.
    Political oppression is alive and well here.

  4. Libertarians really need to find a better a poster child for the many injustices of drug prohibition. Ulrich shouldn't be in prison---but, still, it's hard to muster much pity for this guy. He made a mint---more than most of us would ever see in two lifetimes---helping morons destroy their lives. Should this be illegal? No. But that hardly makes it moral. He's really no better than some asshole who peddles cluster bombs to governments or some so-called physician who builds his McMansion on a foundation of opioid addicts. Plus, Ulrich is stupid. He knowingly took a big risk, got fat on human misery for two brief years, and ended up---surprise, surprise---in the clink. And his little Shawshank tweets from "the Hole" don't do much to bedew my eyes.

    1. Hi Zippy. I always appreciate the views of the devils advocate, but I am a little confused by yours.

      Was Ross selling cluster bombs (or some other implement deadly to anyone but the consumer) on the Silk Road site?

      Do the moral implications change depending on the accounting standards used?

      A simple observation of mine is that those arguments based on the profit margins of the accused work really well in the presence of angry mobs.

    2. While one "entrepreneur" undoubtedly has a higher body count than the other, both willingly profit from human suffering. Ulrich (as does the merchant of death under much different circumstances and on a greater scale) knowingly facilitated the destruction of others---most of them, yes, *willing victims* (unlike those of the m.o.d.), but not all: addicts, after all, are frequently dangerous to others, and the sorts of black marketeers whose activities (and profits) Ulrich also facilitated are frequently involved in human trafficking, murder and other major violations of the NAP. Do you really think he was unaware of all of this?

      Do you suppose I'm trying to incite a mob? What I'm arguing is very simple: that there are much more sympathetic---and deserving---victims of drug prohibition for libertarians to expend their energies on. And to call the man a "saint," as one poster did above, is beyond ludicrous.

      That being said, I don't think Ulrich, though he's a fool and a scumbag, should be in jail. I'm against drug prohibition; it has done much more harm than good. Libertarians *should* educate the public about the evils of the drug war, but putting the focus on some would-be kingpin who for a brief time styled himself a "Dread Pirate" and idiotically pulled leviathan's tail is a crummy way to do it.