Friday, October 19, 2018

Trump Highlights Congressman's Body-Slam of a Reporter

Montana Rep. Greg Gianforteand President Trump
Trump is a buffon, but a dangerous one.

He knows how to get the emotional juices of the masses stirred up.

Trump on Thursday evening praised Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte for physically assaulting a reporter on the eve of a special election last year, reports Roll Call.

Addressing a rally in Missoula on his third trip to Montana this year, Trump at first only alluded to the 2017 incident. “Never wrestle him,” he said after calling Gianforte onstage, according to Roll Call.

And then he said, "Any guy who can do a body slam — he’s my guy,” Trump said to loud cheers.

Here's the original body slam.

In a statement, the Guardian US editor, John Mulholland, said:
The president of the United States tonight applauded the assault on an American journalist who works for the Guardian. To celebrate an attack on a journalist who was simply doing his job is an attack on the first amendment by someone who has taken an oath to defend it.
In the aftermath of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, it runs the risk of inviting other assaults on journalists both here and across the world where they often face far greater threats. We hope decent people will denounce these comments and that the president will see fit to apologize for them.



  1. If you are a libtard journalist and you get body slammed, who cares? I've yet to see a leftist apologize for Hildebeast's 'deplorable' speech or Joe Biden recently calling Trump voters "dregs".

    1. You see no difference between physically attacking someone, and words than make you butthurt?

    2. ── You [TLM] see no difference between physically attacking someone, and words than make you butthurt? ──

      Your question was answered, Logan Five.

  2. Lolbertarian NPCs can only compute "muh NAP".

    1. Yup, guilty. Even if it were YOU, I would still act like a human being and not like a savage or, worse: a Trumpista.

  3. That's a front headlock, not a body slam. Leftist fake news organizations giving cover to domestic terrorists poses a far greater risk of inciting violence than does Trump cracking jokes.

  4. It would be interesting to see how the congressman responded to Trump's praise,since after it actually happened, he was charged with assault and he apologized.

    In his victory speech, Gianforte admitted to the attack and apologized for it.

    “I shouldn’t have treated that reporter that way,” he told supporters at his rally here.

    According to the Washington Post, some in the crowd laughed at the mention of the incident. “I made a mistake,” said Gianforte.

    “Not in our minds!” yelled a supporter.


  5. It should be noted that this is NOT video from the incident. The publisher of the video states this at the very end of the video description.

  6. Apparently the reporter barged into his office and would not leave. I think a body slam was well within reason.

    1. Lolbertarians only believe in property rights when social media platforms ban right wingers.