Monday, October 29, 2018

Trump Has Triggered the Youth...

...to head out to vote in the mid-terms on November 6 and to vote lefty:


  1. Trusting another lying liberal poll? There are tons of young conservatives. Who do you think keeps generating all these hilarious anti liberal memes.

  2. Or.....

  3. You gotta understand the snowflake vernacular. "I will DEFINITELY..." means essentially nothing. There are awesome millennials out there, but the lefty snowflakes are largely talk.

  4. Trump isn't liked by the leftists. Thus the leftists used their institutional control to then trigger the youth. What Trump actually says or does is largely irrelevant because the left distorts and frames things to manipulate people. And lacking that will just make stuff up. It doesn't even have to be Trump as president, just someone that comes from outside the system they don't like.