Friday, October 12, 2018

CALORIE TOTALITARIANISM: UK Government Sets Calorie Cap on Pizza, Burgers....

By Robert Wenzel

Restaurants and supermarkets have been told to shrink pizzas or remove toppings under “drastic” new government plans to calorie cap thousands of foods sold in the UK, reports Breitbart.

Draft guidelines unveiled by Public Health England (PHE) would see recommended calorie limits set for regularly consumed items including sandwiches, cooking sauces, pies, soups, and processed meats, the Daily Telegraph reports.

While the limits would not be mandatory under current plans, which are part of a package aimed at reducing childhood obesity, the government has warned it would likely legislate if businesses failed to fall into line, with public health minister Steve Brine declaring the state was “willing to do whatever it takes to keep children healthy and well in this country”.

They always start with picking these easy things to regulate. ""Oh, it is to protect the kids." 

But is just another move toward government parenting of kids instead of the parents. The trend just doesn't stop.

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