Tuesday, September 25, 2018

This is What Could Trigger US Military Action in Venezuela

The Empire always has plans.

 Via Axios:

Fernando Cutz, who served as a close adviser to former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and the top National Security Council official on South America, offered a rare insider account of
how the administration has prepared to respond to what the U.S. perceived as a Venezuelan crisis. He said at a Wilson Center event in Washington that specific responses were drawn up to anticipated events on the ground.
  • Cutz cited a Venezuelan takeover of the U.S. Embassy or the massacring of 1,000 Venezuelan civilians by the government as events that could trigger U.S. military action.
  • He said other steps the White House “had ready” included a full oil embargo, which would severely restrict Venezuela's cashflow but presented the question: “If we destroy Venezuela, and we make the situation worse for the people of Venezuela, what comes next?” They didn't have a satisfactory answer.
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  1. ‘“If we destroy Venezuela, and make the situation worse for the people of Venezuela, what comes next?’” “They didn’t have a satisfactory answer.”

    They have an answer, I can assure you. The standard US Intervention playbook says: 1) put some sort of embargo in place that will lead the Venezuelan people to rise up against its government to force them to do the right thing, 2) wait for further destabilization and violence to occur, 3) set loose the MSM stenographers to gin up support for the federal government to “do something” to save the helpless masses in Venezuela, 4) watch as Congressmen, Senators, DC think tanks, and various NGOs make impassioned pleas for the president to save the people of Venezuela, 5) citing humanitarian concerns, the president, much to the delight of the military-industrial-complex, sends in the military to stabilize the situation, 6) our wise overlords in the US government install a new Venezuelan leader that will ultimately be worse than the previous one, and 7) citing continued unrest, the timetable for US withdrawal will be ignored resulting in the permanent occupation of Venezuela by the US military and yet another revenue stream for the military-industrial-complex.

    1. Yep. Sure glad we didn't win in Vietnam. Seriously.

    2. You know its time to get out of the war biz when you are more predictable than the regime you are trying to not so covertly over throw