Monday, September 17, 2018

A Libertarian Take: The Attempted-Rape Allegation Against Judge Kavanaugh

The lefty accuser vs. the statist.
By Robert Wenzel

Christine Blasey Ford,  a professor at Palo Alto University who teaches in a consortium with Stanford University, training graduate students in clinical psychology, has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanugh of sexually assaulting her more than three decades ago when they were high school students in suburban Maryland.

Now, if this accusation of a decades-old event was made of a person in the private sector, I would be
outraged that such a claim was finding its way into public discourse.

A three decades old claim that amounts to little more than he said she said.

But the charges are not being made against a private sector individual but are being made against a government judge who is seeking to become a higher ranked more powerful government judge--indeed, one of the most powerful judges in the land, a Supreme Court judge.

Since I am a supporter of the #PPS, I have no problems with these type attacks on government officials. I say, cheer on these types of opposition takedowns, unless, of course, the government official under consideration would be what I view as a freedom infiltrator that would act to shrink government.

Kavanaugh is no freedom infiltrator. He is a supporter of government expansion of the worst kind.

Don't take my word on it, listen to Judge Napolitano:

Further, in April 2009, Kavanaugh wrote a lengthy concurrence when the court found that detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp had no right to advanced notice before being transferred to another country.

And in Meshal v. Higgenbotham (2016), Kavanaugh concurred when the divided panel threw out a claim by an American that he had been disappeared by the FBI in a Kenyan black site.

This guy has no respect for privacy or decent law, he is an evil tool of the state.

And so I sit back and cheer as the evil Democrats try to take down this evil creep. It's an inside the beltway match of bastards that would have been worthy of being held in the Flavian Amphitheatre during its heyday.

And make no mistake, this is a takedown attempt by Democrats and greater lefty extremists. All indications point to the fact that Ford is a crazed lefty who spent most of the last few days covering her lefty tracks by scrubbing her social media accounts.

That said, there is little hope for a sound judge being nominated by President Trump if Kavanaugh is taken down.  Trump, of course, has no deep appreciation of limited government or what that would look like in a Supreme Court nominee.  He appears to be taking guidance on potential nominees from  Deep State-related DC think tanks.

So I am not expecting  Kavanaugh to be replaced by anyone better.

The most a libertarian is getting out of this is seeing one evil government climbing creep being roasted in full public view. But the more of this the better.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of


  1. So does the truth matter here at all? Or just that their power is weakened by whatever means necessary?

    1. Yes, it matters in the private sector.

      Governments are not about truth. Or do you think Russia and Iran are threats to the US?

      I would rather see them battle each other than the rest of us, especially when it comes to a statist like Kavanaugh.

    2. IMO this process was developed for insiders to eliminate threats to the system. Of course it is also used to fight over the spoils. If there were a liberty infiltrator they would immediately stop battling each other to eliminate the threat.

      There's some joy in watching them use it on each other but ultimately it's there to protect the system such that libertarians and others have to find people who are beyond squeaky clean. Pretty much beyond human possibility as something however minor will simply be spun into a big deal.

  2. Your reservations about Kavanaugh from a libertarian perspective are granted and deserved. However, this is a matter of principle. This desperate maneuver by the Democrats is blatantly transparent and no one should be subject to this kind of political slander and character assassination. A far-left highly partisan woman who scrubbed her social media accounts of her activism but is nonetheless heavily politically biased should not be allowed to destroy and delay this process with Dem and media support for purely political motives. The timing and the hypocritical and despicable Feinstein's involvement tells all you need to know about this matter.

    More McCarthyism by the Left. Your opposition to BK is understandable. However, there is a principle involved here and the #MeToo movement is out of control. BK may be a statist but there is nothing in his past to suggest he is anything like this accusation - a straight arrow. And not deserving of this.

    While I agree that public officials should be held to much higher account - this is despicable and should be opposed on that basis ALONE. If this is successful there is no telling where it will end. I respect you much Robert but your cheering of his destruction and demise for your own reasons makes you no better than the Left.

    1. " should not be allowed to destroy and delay this process" of putting a statist on the Supreme Court?


    2. @RW

      Exactly. When the state stops robbing me and trying to rule me, then it can talk to me about all its “principles.”

    3. Would that some of the "straight arrows" behind such disgraceful SCOTUS rulings as Korematsu (internment of Americans of Japanese heritage), Dred Scott (upholding of the Fugitive Slave Act) and Plessy v. Ferguson (Separate but equal Jim Crow), Shenck v. United States (freedom of speech vis a vis the Espionage Act of 1917) and the Kelo ruling (Eminent Domain seizure for private use) had all been dislodged in the trajectory of their flight toward political power. Same with other crucial rulings in the history of American liberty, touching on the "Constitutionality" of the income tax, the military draft, and of police arresting gay lovers engaging in sex (Bowers v. Hardwick).
      Yes indeed, disrupt this disgraceful pomp and fantasy-based process that is part of the larger purpose of providing the illusion of legitimacy and legality to the underlying succession of ongoing wrongful acts against society.
      --David Afton

    4. Yes, all your above points are well taken. I would love to have a libertarian originalist judge on the Court. Maybe next time we will get that as he has placed some good names on the list to date.

      However, would you really have preferred the alternative selection(s) that Hillary would have presented and got through? RBG? Sotomayor? Tribe? etc.

      We are dealing with ARSONISTS who want to burn down Western Civilization and replace it with blatant authoritarianism. I understand idealism and holding to standards but at some point you have to acknowledge there are worse alternatives than BK.

      I ask you all again - if we allow this type of political sabotage to become the standard - unproven allegations used to take out anyone the media and Deep State supports - how in the ever-loving world are you ever going to get a libertarian-leaning, small-government judge on the Court - or in any seat of power?

    5. The existence of the court is the issue, not who sits on it. As a libertarian, I'm not looking for better rulings by the court. I want to see the court's power eroded, and its rulings ridiculed and disobeyed. The route to liberty is not through the state, but through people turning their back on the state.

      But if you want to be empirical, just look at the many anti-liberty rulings of so-called "conservative" judges appointed by GOP presidents (e.g., Roberts' ruling on Obamacare). They are bound to disappoint. The woman being abused by her husband should leave home, not keep coming back believing that he'll change.

  3. Veritas, I disagree with you extremely. This man is flat evil. He is anti-liberty, he is an enemy.
    Who cares how Statist take out other Statist.
    “If successful there is no telling where it will end”. Hopefully if it is taking out government officials, it doesn’t end. Let them please destroy each other.
    Seriously, are you feeling sorry for this despicable man? He has no problem with the State destroying you, and he has the power to do this, and will have even more on the SC. Besides, this is just a game for all of them, they ALL have the same agenda.
    The question to be asked is “Do You Hate the State?”