Thursday, August 23, 2018

Tucker Carlson Can't Seem to Beat Alex Nowrasteh in Debate: Mic Cut Off

Tucker Carlson is a very strong debater but he doesn't appear to be able to best Alex Nowrasteh during the few times he has been on the show.

Carlson tried to steamroll Nowrasteh last night and really didn't give him a chance and finally just cut his mic off.

Mediaite's take:
Fox News Tucker Carlson‘s ability to embarrass his guests in bitter debates on his primetime program has been well documented. But there is one recurring guest who manages to trounce Carlson at his own game: Alex Nowrasteh, a senior immigration policy analyst at the CATO Institute.

Carlson started Wednesday’s interview off with a straw-man, accusing Nowrasteh of espousing a view expressed by a professor who said on MSNBC this week that Mollie Tibbetts, the young woman allegedly killed by an undocumented immigrant, was just “a girl from Iowa.”

Nowrasteh swatted that jab away, noting “this is definitely a horrible tragedy and I’ve not tried to minimize it in any way.”

The pair went on to spar over the crime rate of undocumented immigrants, with Carlson claiming that 44% of all federal inmates are non-citizens, and Nowrasteh explaining that “federal prisoners account for fewer than just 10% of all prisoners in the United States.”... 
A tell-tale sign of Carlson losing a debate on his show is him offering his guest the courtesy of cutting their mic off mid-sentence, as he did at the end of his interview with Nowrasteh. 


  1. Alex always gets the best of Tucker because he’s right. This is no different from the way gun-grabbers cite every mass shooting as indisputable proof of the need to crack down on guns.

  2. Remember when Carlson insinuated to Nowrasteh, in a previous debate, that one can worship the Market like a god, which is a common attack that statists lob against libertarians?

  3. Be warned before you read the comments section in the Mediaite website: the Trumpistas are all out attacking Nowrasteh even when he was the calm one in that exchange.

    It's typical of Tucker to change the subject whenever his points don't hit home. He switched from questioning Alex's intentions, to identity theft. Tucker confuses indentitybpiracy with the intent to steap property with the act of using a different identity to be able to work. The moment Nowrasteh makes that differentiation and how prohibitions lead to black markets, Tucker decides to end the debate by putting his fingers on OUR ears, figuratively speaking.

  4. Why do conservatives suck at economics when it comes to immigrants, drugs and warfare? They're so sentimental and silly. They sound like leftists.