Thursday, August 9, 2018

Non-Interventionism: America's Founding Foreign Policy

Richard Ebeling emails:

Dear Bob,

The Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) has posted a video of a talk I gave this past April 2018 at a conference on America’s foreign policy. My presentation was on, “Non-Interventionism: America’s Founding Foreign Policy.”

I discuss the parallel between non-interventionism at home in human relationships, with government limited to protecting the citizenry’s individual life, liberty and honestly acquired property, and non-interventionism in the affairs of other nations.

I go on to explain what and how should Americans go about assisting others around the world that they consider to be oppressed by tyrannical regimes or threatened by a neighboring country threatening that foreign nation’s freedom and independence.

In foreign matters of these types it should be left up to the private sector – the free choices of private American citizens –to offer such support or assistance and not the U.S. government. In foreign affairs, the political, diplomatic and military reach of the government should extend no further than an actual or clearly eminent attack on the territory of the United States.




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