Friday, August 24, 2018

Manafort Might Be Screwed Even If He Gets a Pardon But Trump Might Be Able to Get Rid of Jeff Sessions

Okay, things are moving very rapidly in TrumpWorld.

But two new stories have emerged that set the current scene:

One about Paul Manafort: Paul Manafort Will Go to Jail Even if Trump Pardons Him

This means that unless Manafort decides to cooperate, he may die in jail.

Second, Trump may be able to get rid of Jeff Sessions after the midterm elections:

Key Republicans Give Trump a Path to Fire Sessions After the Election

Mueller surely understands this which means he is going to try to lay off any "crimes" in the Trump orbit to state officials rather than keep them at the federal level. At the state level, Trump will have no power to stop them or pardon anyone.  Further, Mueller is likely to bring more indictments in the next two weeks to get them on the record and do so before it appears he is "interfering" in the midterm elections.

Trump is a tough guy but he is going to be tested like he never has before.


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  1. I'm just asking: Has either Cohen or Manafort done anything for which they have been criminally charged that would actually violate libertarian principles? I could see a charge of "bank fraud" based upon an actual and knowing misrepresentation of fact which caused a creditor to be unable to collect on a loan that was made based upon the misrepresentation. Is there anything like that actually happen?

    Also, I really do not like the practice of offering reduced sentences in exchange for testimony. That is clearly a form of bribery and seems to derive directly from the Drug War. Trump, being a spineless weenie, would never come right out and oppose the practice as a general rule.