Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trump Calls Koch Brothers 'Total Joke' ...

Charles and David Koch
...because of their libertarian positions.

The Koch's aren't always sound from a libertarian perspective but they are here when it comes to free trade and immigration.



  1. Hmm this makes me like the Koch’s more

  2. Wait... "Powerful Trade"? What is that supposed to mean?

    Then he says "They want to protect their businesses outside the U.S. from being taxed." Who wouldn't?

  3. How is no trade powerful trade? How is a $12 billion farm package for farmers who can’t sell crops abroad powerful trade?

  4. They should hit back with “at least we weren’t at risk of having our fortune taken by the big banks for cents on the dollar and needed Rothschild & Co/Wilbur Ross to save our asses like you Donald, who’s the globalist now?”

  5. The Trumpanator vs the Kochtopus. A grade B action movie coming soon to a theatre near you!

  6. I have a slender, droll little book, "The Wit and Wisdom of Calvin Coolidge." I can imagine in the future, there will be similar books on President Trump, but more critical and sarcastic: "The Inane, Stupid Tweets of Donald J. Trump."

    BTW, the Kochs could buy Trump's entire fortune, many times over.