Saturday, July 14, 2018

HILARIOUS The Stupid Searches Conducted By The "Russians" When They "Hacked" Into the DNC

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
Commenters at the Moon of Alabama post, No Evidence In Mueller's Indictment Of 12 Russians - Release Now May Sabotage Upcoming Summit, write:

Read the Indictment: Its HILARIOUS!

The high point of FBI incompetence:
- Page 14 and 15: This is hilariously stupid! These Russian super spy agents on June 15, 2016, 4:19 MOSCOW TIME and they DID NOT HACK, BUT LOGGED INTO the DNC server and spent 37 minutes to search for files or that included words (that is for the techo's out there, they "grep") for the following words:
* some hundred sheets
* some hundreds of sheets
* dcleaks
* illuminati
* широко известный перевод (meaning: widely known translation)
* worldwide known
* think twice about
* company's competence
So what kind of super spies, and super hackers would use "some hundred sheets" and "some hundreds of sheets" as two separate searches. Every computer geek knows that you don't waste time to do virtually two identical searches like those. Who ever did these searches (after they logged in!) knows nothing about searching. The whole tech. world knows if you are going to do hacking, you use things like Linux grep/sed tools and you wouldn't waste your time doing pointless duplicitous searches. Why doesn't FBI state what tools were used, every is logged, or it should be. Thus this person whom ever it was, was naive.
So here is the big one! Foreign hackers are looking for about people talking about the Illuminati! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
Another stupid one! Russian hackers searching DNC files for RUSSIAN STRINGS This is turning into a circus.
So you mean to tell me Russian hackers that logged into a computer (that is they didn't hacked, the FBI stated as much), are looking about for files about nonsensical matter including Russian Word Strings. You can't even make this stuff up. THE FBI ARE CLOWNS!!!
So it goes on page 15 and 16, that these search words to comprise the breathtaking proof that the culprit then was to admit these words:
Worldwide known cyber security company XXXX announced that the DNC servers have been hacked by “sophisticated” hacker groups. I’m very please the company appreciated my skill highly… …. Some hundred sheets! This’s a serious case, isn’t it?I guess XXXX Customers should think twice about company’s competence.
F*** the illuminati and their conspiracies
And when did this happen? Some 2 hours later, at 7:02pm.
So think about this! They wrote that paragraph AFTER the search! So how do you search for something in 37 minutes that you don't know it exists, and with such meaningless words to write a bragging paragraph, that was supposedly ON the DNC server itself! Meaning, the person who logged in knew it existed and quickly went looking for where it was to extract it, and then use later as to frame the Russians!
Look at the time line. The FBI only found that it was a DNC employee that logged in, looking for something that shouldn't exist in anyway on his server, unless of course he wrote it himself, and that was to use it frame the Russians. Remember that paragraph was ON THE DNC Server!!!!
The FBI are morons! This indictment will be thrown out quick smart, and the FBI should be brought up on charges of aiding and abetting a crime!

RW note: In other words, Gucifer 2.0 appears to be the front of the real person who took the documents and staged it to llok like a Russian hack by conducting searches for words that person was aware were in the documents but which no competent Russian spy would ever search for.  Keep in mind, Gucifer 2.0's first tweet was just 2 hours after this "hack" and, according to the indictment, in that first tweet he used the results of these nonsensical search terms as proof of his "hack. " 

And this:    

 As I understand it the GRU does not do these things -- it's pure military intelligence. The Russian intelligence services are 1) very (very) good 2) born in real war. So they don't run little independent operations like hacking US politics just for fun. 
That struck me right from the get-go. The hacking would have been done by Служба специальной связи и информации (Special Service of Communications and Information ie their NSA/CSE/GCHQ) which is now owned by Федеральная служба охраны (Federal Protection Service). No way would military intelligence have run this. 
In Russia int/security organs are not quasi-independent agencies that do what they want. 


  1. I also found this interesting:
    "During the hacking of the DCCC and DNC networks, the Conspirators covered their tracks by intentionally deleting logs and computer files. For example, on or about May 13, 2016, the Conspirators cleared the event logs from a DNC computer."

    I find it extremely hard to believe that the DNC network does not have a SIEM. In which case, deleting the local logs would have been meaningless.

  2. We are told that a GRU officer logged into a server in Moscow to carry out these searches (searches for already-translated terms in all but one example and several of which would later appear in Guccifer 2.0's first blog post).

    If the GRU were going to go to the trouble of using a proxy to carry out such searches - would they really have opted to use a proxy on their own doorstep?

    Seems a bit contrived to me.