Thursday, June 21, 2018

Greyhound Has Turned Into NaziHound

The bus carrier Greyhound has apparently been allowing U.S. Border Patrol agents to board its buses,  well within the country's borders, and ask: "Papers please."

From My San Antonio:
He was a 12-year Miami resident originally from Trinidad, taken off a Greyhound bus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, by U.S. Border Patrol agents in January.

She was a 60-something Jamaican national who had just met her granddaughter for the first time, whose Greyhound was stopped by Border Patrol. She was arrested and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

And on the other side of the country, they were an undocumented father and son riding a Greyhound from Seattle to Montana when agents came aboard and asked, "Are you illegal?" "Do you have your documents?" The son, a DACA recipient traveling without his papers, was held for a few hours. The father was sent to a detention center.

It is here - between the rows of seats on Greyhound buses and at stations across the country - that America's policies and fraught divisions over immigration are also playing out. The private bus line says it is caught in the middle of an ugly issue beyond its control.

But legislators and justice groups argue that by allowing Border Patrol to conduct the immigration checks, Greyhound exposes its passengers to
violations of their constitutional rights to be free from racial profiling, harassment and warrantless searches and seizures.

They say it is up to Greyhound - which serves 18 million passengers yearly across 3,800 destinations - and other massive transportation companies to pick a side. Others predict Greyhound's reputation could take a hit at a time when customers expect businesses to take a stand in social and political debates.

"They haven't made a choice, they're just letting Border Patrol do this and that's not neutral," said Chris Rickerd, policy counsel of the ACLU national political advocacy department. "If they wanted formally to consent, they can say, 'we consent.' What we think they should do is put their customer interests first and say, 'we don't consent unless there is probable cause or a warrant.'"
The wimpy bus carrier has started  "conversations" with Border Patrol instead of protecting their passengers and telling the agents "to go to hell."

According to MySA, |a spokesperson for Greyhound, Lanesha Gipson, said the company doesn't "support or coordinate these searches, nor are we happy about them." Gipson acknowledged that searches negatively affect customers. She said Greyhound also worried about the risk it puts drivers in, too.

"We have started conversations with the Border Patrol to determine if there is anything that can be done to balance the enforcement of federal law with the dignity and privacy of our valued customers," Gipson said.

Greyhound is owned by FirstGroup PLC, whose executive chairman is Herr Wolfhart Hauser.



  1. OMGZ I know I hate it when I buy beer at the grocery store and the Nazi Fascist State Worshiping checkout girl asks me for my ID to prove that I'm legal age to purchase alcohol. Like, WTF, NaziGrocer, quit doing the bidding of the State.

    1. I know you think this is sarcasm, but it's actually a really good point.

    2. Ha! I actually kind of agree, though. It’s hard to be too critical of a business for kowtowing to the state when it has the power to ruin them.

    3. So when you voluntary contract with a grocer, it is the same as when you are accosted in Nazi style by state agents you want no dealings with. Awesome analogy.

    4. In this context, it's worth reading "A Government of Wolves" by John Whitehead. Chilling stuff.

  2. Greyhound: "We have started conversations with the Border Patrol to determine if there is anything that can be done to balance the enforcement of federal law with the dignity and privacy of our valued customers,"

    Border Patrol: You just kiss our ass and you'll be fine, and your valued customers will learn to grovel with dignity.

  3. Greyhound is dependent on the federal government's good graces or they can be shut down. For example: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/safety/passenger-safety/legal-notice-motorcoach-operations It doesn't take much for the federal government to simply start enforcing things to the letter or just making accusations and investigations that severely interrupt service.

    1. Re: Jimmy Joe Meeker,

      ── Greyhound is dependent on the federal government's good graces or they can be shut down ──

      Pretty much any business can be a victim of the State's whims. No one is safe when you have a State operating on the assumption that the population will either acquiesce to its aggressive stances or the population provides political support for such aggressions, hence: The federal jack-booted goons stepping on people's rights who are doing nothing more than traveling peacefully on a Greyhound bus.

  4. I was on a Greyhound in 1999 going across country. In TN at a drug checkpoint they asked everyone to get off the bus and identify their luggage. I refused. I was the only one. They moved on.

    Wenzel is hyperventilating because TDS. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

    Now, to not let it die, and H/T Stuffed Pimento (I quote him):

    I'll side with Mr. Libertarian Ron Paul rather than Cultural Marxist libwap TDS Wenzel.

    "You may want to be a guest, but you're uninvited, you're an intruder and we want you out of here....They totally ignore the principle of private property and voluntaryism....A lot of them are real hard workers and should be welcome, but I don't believe that if you do break our laws and you come in that the answer should be citizenship. It shouldn't be that way. Politically speaking, I think the Progressives and the Hard Left really think they have something going here."

    https://youtu.be/05TUdEvxRrI?t=588 (full video)

    --END QUOTE--

    lol at Wenzel quoting Murray Rothbard out of context to try to prove RW is "still a libertarian," and yet here's RP right on point. Wenzel, I thought you were a libertarian but instead you're a tribalist. Tribal politics is hurting libertarianism. You know what you're doing.

    1. How how dumb are these people that keep posting the Ron Paul quote. It literally says many of them should be let in but just denied citizenship (and thus welfare benefits). Very close to Wenzel’s position.

    2. Re: Princip... Ok, that's insane,

      ── I thought you were a libertarian but instead you're a tribalist. ──

      Blah, blah, Trumpista pot calling the kettle black. What else is new?

    3. Libertarians have one enemy: the state.

      Everyone cheering on ICE is a cheerleader for the state and not a libertarian.

    4. Perhaps so but when so many come here to become a tool of the state - particularly the vote rabid left ... You would hope some alternative would be used to stem the tide. The welfare wall is one option. The criminal default directly to deportation is better than the insanity of
      wide open arms.