Monday, May 28, 2018

The Incredible Big Brother-Style UK Arrest of Tommy Robinson

On Friday, a British right-wing activist, Tommy Robinson, was arrested for "breach of the peace" outside a courtroom in Leeds, England, where a trial of some alleged Muslim child groomers was going on. He was immediately taken to court and sentenced to 13 months in jail AND the media in the UK has been banned from reporting on the case.

Following the court ban, British newspapers immediately started taking down basic reporting about the arrest. The story, EDL founder Tommy Robinson 'arrested' while filming outside court, for example, has been removed.

Setting aside the views of Robinson, which appear somewhat flaky, this type of action by the UK courts is horrifying and chilling.




  1. The antiwhites here will be doing back flips.

  2. Aww, whitey wants to join the cult of victimization. How adorable.

    1. Sorry for the triggering.

      Need a safe space?

  3. Interesting that much support and coverage is being given to "Tommy Robinson," (admittedly the fake name of Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon) Yet little attention is given to this case. Gee wonder Why?

    Former soldier jailed for antisemitic speech which incited supporters to 'free England from Jewish control' ( )

    The Crown Prosecution Service initially decided against charging Jeremy Bedford-Turner but reversed decision following complaints by the UK version of the ADL.