Sunday, May 6, 2018

Rand Paul Blasts Big Spending Republicans

This past week, Senator Rand Paul visited Loveland, Ohio, to campaign for Mike Gibbons, an investment banker running for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown.

During the Loveland rally, Rand blasted big spending Republicans. “When the Republican Party gets in charge, there is no conservative party,” Rand said to applause as he lambasted the spending bill passed by the GOP Congress and signed into law by Trump in March.

“I’m not looking for the lesser of two evils,” Rand said. “If there’s a race with two Republicans, and I think both Republicans are establishment schmucks, I’m not going to endorse either one of them.”

-Robert Wenzel  

(via HuffingtonPost)


  1. As we've all known for a while, we don't have a two party system: we have a mono party with two different names. With the rare difference of people like Ron Paul.

  2. His statement makes me believe that he thinks there are some republicans that are not establishment smucks.