Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How Rod Rosenstein Conned President Trump When He Said He Would Investigate the Spying on the Trump Campaign

Rod Rosenstein, conned the president
I thought it was odd that when President Trump demanded a review of whether there was Deep State FBI spying on his 2016 presidential campaign that Rod Rosenstein agreed and asked Inspector General Horowitz to investigate.

Putting this in the lap of the Inspector General just didn't seem like the right move. Why not a federal prosecutor who would have broader power?

It appears my suspicions were correct. The Inspector General would have almost no ability to properly investigate such spying.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Rosenstein knew the IG has no power to subpoena former Obama employees involved in the scandal. And, of course, it would be employees during the Obama administration that would have taken part in such an operation or have knowledge of such an operation.

Here's Joe Digenova exposing the Rosenstein con:


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