Thursday, April 26, 2018

VIDEO Junkies Take Over Corridor Of San Francisco BART Station

Here's the latest from the People's Republic of San Francisco.

 Junkies have pretty much taken over parts of the Civic Center BART station.

 Of note, the Civic Center station is the stop for San Francisco's city hall.

But don't think for a minute that the junkies are limited to this BART station. They are all over the damn downtown area.

But, hey, maybe this is the year the city's attorney will attempt fix the problem. He has been at his post for only the last 17 years, maybe he will get to it after fixing the three-week-old scooter "problem." 

He thinks the scooters are blocking pedestrian traffic, so maybe he will notice this KPIX clip that there is a bigger problem than the FakeScooterProblem.

  -Robert Wenzel  


  1. But come on, those junkies are merely natural libertarians living their lives as free spirits just like those hordes of illegals and other lesser cultures that keep their neighborhoods filled will with dilapidated houses and trash.

    All cultures are equal, even homeless drug out junkie culture.