Saturday, April 14, 2018

There Would Have Been Outrage

At the post, BREAKING Trump Has Approved Strikes on Syria, Derek Franklin comments:

I must admit, during the race for the presidency, at first blush, I didn't think your theory about electing Clinton was sound. However, over time, I began to warm up to the idea ultimately seeing the theory as sound. If Hillary Clinton was president she would never have been able to get something like this through, let alone the first air strike on Syria. She would have been vehemently opposed by the Repubs (it would have been fake outrage, but it would have been a great contributor to preventing the air strike or any other supposed military action). The deplorables, those in "fly-over" country, Fox News, and most other Trump supporters would oppose her on everything non-stop.
Yes, there would have been outrage! It is possible Clinton would have been stopped but not certain, much more important, many more people would have been paying attention to the non-government message. Very few are now. The left is almost always in favor of more central power and Trump has co-opted fly-over country for the state. He is worse than Ronald Reagan.

  -Robert Wenzel  


  1. I guess this is sending a strong message to Assad to not permit US and Israeli proxies to commit false flag attacks against Syrian civilians. I was hoping against hope that Trump could resist the Deep State but that is a tall order. Hopefully this is just a one time symbolic act to placate the NeoCon jackals yapping at him.

  2. I doubt it. Syria, Iran and North Korea are the axis of evil simply because they don't have Rothschild controlled central banks. The European style socialists will stop at nothing.