Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mitt Romney Attends Ron Paul Speech in Utah

Hopefully, Mitt learned something.

Here's the play-by-play.

Last week Thursday, Ron Paul was the keynote speaker at the Lincoln Day Dinner sponsored by the Iron County, Utah Republicans.

Romney, who has announced that he is seeking the open US Senate seat from Utah, attended the event and spoke for three minutes before Dr. Paul and stayed for Dr. Paul's speech.

“I believe the principles of American greatness are a lot different than militarism. We have such a powerful military that nobody can touch us,”  Dr. Paul said, adding that it is not the role of the United States to be the world’s policeman.

Speaking against getting involved in unnecessary conflicts overseas, he said, “We should never have war without a proper declaration.”

He said the executive and judicial branches of government have been overstepping their bounds by creating laws.

“This shouldn’t be permissible,” he said, noting that the legislative branch should be responsible for writing and passing laws.

“The federal government is really out of control and the judicial system is outrageous,” he said.

“We have too many prisoners, mainly because we have too many laws,” he said. According to the St. Geroge News, the audience applauded at this comment, as they did at numerous other points during Dr. Paul’s half-hour remarks.

“The government should be forced to obey the same rules that you and I obey with each other,” he said.

He encouraged those in attendance to work together without compromising their principles.

“I believe people come together if you don’t have to give up your beliefs,” he said.

 -Robert Wenzel 

(Source: St. Geroge News)


  1. A role model and a wonderful man.

  2. Dr. Paul is the best. I see his top notch security man is just beside him to his right too. :-)

    I know Dr. Paul is way above such behavior, but I wish the first words from his mouth to Mitt were, “Hey you dirty rat! you sure pulled some shenanigans in 2012, but it’s good to see you!"