Friday, March 30, 2018

Antifa Anarchists to Hold ‘Armed Defense’ Workshop During Three-Day Conference

Antifa anarchists will be heading to Arizona in April for a three-day long conference that will feature workshops such as “Armed Defense,” “Practical Taekwondo,” and “Anti-Police Community Support,” reports Gateway Pundit.

“A 3-day gathering to provide anti-fascist & anti-colonial workshops, skill-shares, and discussions to further our communities capacities to fight back against all forms of oppression and for defense of Mother Earth,” the event description reads.

In my new book, Foundations of Private Property Society Theory: Anarchism for the Civilized Person, I discuss the five different types of anarchism and reject Antifa style anarchism but I also have some objections to anarcho-capitalism and conclude that PPS anarchism has the soundest foundation.

-Robert Wenzel 


  1. Looks like Antifa's immediate need is an editor.

  2. --- " '[...]to fight back against all forms of oppression and for defense of Mother Earth,' the event description reads." ---

    Ah, those zany AntiFa kids! They're clearly irony-impaired. They don't realize that the 'defense of Mother Earth' necessarily entails oppression. How can they then be against ALL forms of oppression?

    --- workshops such as "Armed Defense," ---

    I'm confused. All I'm hearing from the political left is that self-defense is not a right and especially armed self-defense, so how is this workshop supposed to reconcile these contradictions?

    Oh, silly me! I need to remember that: Being a leftist means never having to say "I'm sorry my political views are not consistent with each other." Wink-wink!

    1. There are many black males in Antifa Torres; I'm sure you could have your pick. Maybe you could turn them on by pointing how good libertardianism is for everybody and magic something will take over from there.

  3. I'm curious as to what distinction Wenzel places between "anarcho-capitalism" and private property society anarchism. I've always thought that the two phrases were virtual synonyms. I do vastly prefer the phrase "private property society" though. I think we should probably refrain from using the term "capitalism" to describe our economic ideas since the phrase has come to define all sorts of things that we object to. And, since the phrase came into fashion as a smear-word that the Marxists used to criticize the free market, it makes no sense to use a word with a history of negative connotations.

    Laissez-faire, the free market, spontaneous order, voluntary exchange or the private property society are all far better and more descriptive terms to use to describe what we espouse.

  4. RW,
    Please release the Kindle edition soon. Thank you.

  5. Is there such thing as Antifa Anarchist? From what I know about them, they aren’t for a Stateless society, they seem to want to use the gun of the State to meet their ends.
    Like any good commie.

  6. Just a bunch of dorks larping in the park. When a leftist friend invites me to his ranch to ride in the tank and fire the cannon I'll start to worry.