Monday, February 19, 2018

Trump Endorses Romney

What say you, libertarian Trump fanboys?



  1. If I were.. which I am not.. I would be disappointed. Are you happy now?

  2. These kinds of scumbag, crony politicians would have never been endorsed if Clinton had won, right?

  3. Maybe is just trolling him. Surely Utah can come with a better candidate. See Roy Moore overshadowing the establishment favorite.

  4. Trumpertarians have one response and one response only: "Better than Hillary!"

    It is not worth engaging them on this. They will always say Hillary would have done whatever Trump did, PLUS some other bad stuff. It is tautological.

    1. I can't speak for every Trump voter, bit many of us supported him simply because he doesn't want infinite immigration. Does he do stupid shit? Absolutely. He's just as bad as Clinton on many issues, but the sad fact is that no matter how much you hate the state, it does exist. If you don't want to participate I certainly understand, but if you think that by withholding your vote you are somehow any closer to an ancap private property society then you're delusional.

    2. I voted for the guy. He is imperfect. I could not stand listening to four years of that screeching harpie. She would have taxed everything in sight and let in the entire third world trash just for the love of votes.

      Those who want more freedom should be using this time to regroup and prepare.

  5. Mitt Romney - a carpet bagger who is going to replace another carpet bagger.

    Looks like I'll be writing in Ron Paul yet again.