Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Real Problem with the FBI

 Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
I am pretty amazed at the across the board comments that the FBI "failed" in not preventing the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in  Parkland Florida, as if they somehow should have known Nikolas Cruz was a danger in advance.

This is looking at things from a "government can protect us" perspective.

What was the FBI supposed to do? Lock up Cruz because he made threats?

Does anyone have any idea how many people make threats in America? Hell, there are commenters here at Target Liberty that make threats. How exactly is the FBI supposed to determine which threat is genuine and which is not?

Are they supposed to lock up everyone that makes a threat forever?

You know, Stalin did that.

To think the FBI can protect us from these nutjobs is to fall into the trap that the government can protect us. This is buying into Efrem Zimbalist Jr. FBI Theater.

The solution to these dangers is in the private sector, not with the government.

The FBI does best with its investigative gadgets harassing politically charged targets, currently the Trump campaign. It's Stalin investigating on steroids: Find a "crime" committed by the political enemy.

Government is never the solution for the average citizen. The sooner we wake up and realize that we have to protect ourselves and that government protection is a myth the better.



  1. The first reason is that we are conditioned to believe government is to protect us. Which it doesn't and it can't. I would comment that this is evidence that government will ultimately fail to do this task because the task is impossible.

    The second reason is that people are conditioned to believe in the institutions and authority that produces things like school shootings as a side effect. It is very hard to come to grips with the design and origin of the modern government schools, what the FDA approves with various drugs (often used to make children fit the school system) and so on. It would shatter their belief system.

    So, the FBI failed. Then they can demand more government and things will get worse.

    1. Yeah Jimmy thats the black flag propaganda. Used to be in the society that America used to have is the golden rule "take care of your own." In its fervor to control everyone alive the state has made it "okay" to disregard societal and familial responsibility.

      The fault here doesnt lie with the FBI or the hobbled public education system but those within 1 degree of separation.

      I dont want the idiocracy pleading for more control over me.

  2. I was talking to a friend the other day and he was heading in the direction of now supporting government gun control. This guy is good at digging up dirt on our local Mayor.

    I said, just picture this: “Mayor Brainard is the person who will decide whether you can get or keep your gun.”

    Robert, does my spreading the “risk” between manufacturers, sellers, and security (in addition to the actual culprit) mentioned in Victor’s post comments conform with your view of a PPS?

    Thank you, Eric Morris

  3. If the FBI and cops had even the slightest amount of competence, they would have put away this Cruz creep or at least made it illegal for him to possess guns and weapons. He brought bullets to school as an adult. Prosecutors have significant discretion in such a matter.

    What we have here is the most grotesque incompetence by the FBI and cops plus the ludicrous system of having no armed guards or other defensive options at these government schools.

    And the left wants to take guns away from the vast non-criminal citizenry and give monopoly authority over guns to the incompetent morons who caused this tragedy.

    The entire mass of multiple government agencies clearly could not deal with or even engage a single self-evidently violent creep but these government idiots are the people to whom we are supposed to give carte blanche to determine if every single citizen is "mentally ill" or not.

    1. Not really sure what the "he brought bullets" to school thing is about, but it strikes me as coming from someone who is highly uninformed about firearms. "Bullets" are hunks of lead/copper and are less dangerous than rocks and pencils. Ammunition may be what they are talking about, but even worrying about this is a bit overblown. There is nothing you can do with ammo without a firearm.

      A "libertarian" calling for someone to be thrown in jail for "having bullets".

      Sorry to break it to you, but there is a very high bar to have people committed, as any libertarian should agree there should be.

    2. I'm not worried per se about ammunition in school. If accidentally bringing a butter knife to the school parking lot in your car after a family move is a zero-tolerance crime, I suspect that so is purposefully bringing ammunition to school in your backpack. Considering what an obvious danger this creep was, he could have been indicted and convicted for the ammunition and lost his gun rights under the system we are stuck with. As I said, the prosecutor has discretion in those matters.

      BTW, a private covenant community could easily ban guns if they so chose. And/or they could evict or ban obviously dangerous creeps who have yet to commit a crime.

  4. The more simple and truthful problem with the FBI is that it exists in the first place.
    We end up getting caught up in the wrong conversation, unless it’s Robert’s simple truth, “the government cannot keep you safe”.
    The conversation we should keep pushing back at people who complain about the FBI’s incompetence is we shouldn’t have an FBI.
    The problem with public education is the same, it shouldn’t exist.

  5. Robert, you are letting the FIB, I mean the FBI off the hook way too easy. Sure, it is beyond their means and mission to investigate every suspect comment on the Internet. But apparently this guy had people calling the FBI in concern. They didn't even bother to inform the local field office. Of course part of the problem could be lack of man power considering every available agent seems to be investigating the Trump Russian collusion hoax.