Sunday, February 4, 2018

Murray Rothbard on Why Ronald Reagan Was Bad for Libertarianism

It is really difficult for me to understand how Murray Rothbard would support Trump. From the pool of potential right-leaning converts to libertarianism, Trump has captured most. This is as bad or worse than what Reagan did.


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  1. The case for Murray supporting Trump is similar to his support for Pat Buchanan - an affinity for populist revolt over the ruling establishment.

    One obvious difference is that Buchanan is a serious intellectual and Trump, um, isn't. Murray would likely have been creeped out by the Trump persona.

    But then you don't really know. Murray would likely have reveled in the horror and hysteria that Trump has brought about the establishment. There would have been a palpable schadenfreude in the pain of the neocon NeverTrumpers and the left more generally that may have overrode all of his other instincts.

    Regardless of the specific direction of Murray's reaction(s) to Trump, we are all the worse for not seeing a daily update from him on YouTube and LRC.