Friday, February 2, 2018

HOT Here is the Just Released House Intelligence Memo

I will have a full analysis in a later post.

Nunes Memo by on Scribd


(ht Andrew Moran)


The names mentioned in the memo:

James Comey
Andrew McCabe
Rod Rosenstein
Sally Yates
Michael Steele
Peter Strzok


  1. Playing devil's advocate here: leftists still argue that the dossier was funded by a republican candidate first then was continued by the Clinton campaign. Also, while this could defang the Trump investigation, leftists can still go on crowing that he got away with "hacking the election."

    He'll be considered the OJ Simpson of Russian collusion.

  2. Firings and retirements are not enough. Trump must ensure these lawbreakers are arrested immediately and brought to trial. To not do so is to invite reprisal.