Thursday, January 4, 2018

Rand Paul Bashes Prospective Mitt Romney Senate Bid

On Fox News’ Neil Cavuto show, Rand Paul came out swinging against the possibility of Mitt Romney running for the Senate out of Utah, where Orrin Hatch has announced his retirement.

He told Cavuto that “a lot of people said Obamacare was based on Romneycare in Massachusetts that was very expensive and a government-directed health care plan that most conservatives don’t agree with.”

“Some aspects, particularly of Romneycare, are really aspects of big government health care that might not fit real well with conservatives in Utah,” he said.

Rand also stated:
I’ve met Mitt Romney before, I don’t know if in Utah they’d hold it against him that he was the Governor of another state across the country – a lot of those things would have to be decided over time. 
A lot of times their primary is actually a convention where only a couple of thousand people so a lot of times conservatives have a bigger impact in Utah than in many places because the conservative activists are the ones who a lot of times show up for their conventions.
Excellent, go Rand!



  1. Look, unless there's some serious dirt, Mitt will get Hatch's seat. Mitt "saved" the Utah olympics after the bribery scandal. He was a Mormon stake president. In the primary when he was running for president, he carried the state at something like 90% of the vote. Rand can spout off all he wants. Mitt's persona so fits with what the people in Utah want. (note - this is not a Mitt endorsement, he's horrible).

    1. All excellent points, as well. No doubt Romney's "Mormon" credentials help him a lot here. (From a guy who is an active Mormon, but who would never support Romney for any office).

  2. People often forget that Orrin Hatch was and is a carpet bagger from Pennsylvania. Electing a guy like Romney would be nothing new.

    Having lived in Utah my entire life, I know that most "mainstream" voters here only look for the "R" next to the candidate's name.