Sunday, January 14, 2018

Chelsea Manning's First Senate Campaign Video

As I reported yesterday, Chelsea Manning is running to gain the Democratic nomination for the US Senate from the state of Maryland.

The above video, the first Manning campaign video, will not be encouraging for libertarians. It is more about a switch in government power, presumably to the Manning team, rather than what libertarians desire, a shrinkage in government power.



  1. I'll give Manning the benefit of the doubt until I see what all her positions are. Even if she's not a libertarian, I can't imagine she wouldn't be an improvement on many ways. It's hard for me to imagine someone could be so brutalized by the State and not draw any libertarian conclusions from the experience.

    I have no problem with transgender people, though I'm curious whether we're at a point where anti-transgender bias (to the extent it exists) among the electorate won't preclude election to the Senate. I guess Maryland is quite different than, say, Texas in this regard.

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  3. I think the CIA, or other agency, drugged Bradley Manning with estrogens and piped in subliminal messages while torturing him with sleep deprivation and other techniques. In my theory they wanted him to crack and become a screwball to discredit his whistle blowing. They also wanted to experiment with new drugs and techniques of mind control etc. And "Chelsea" is the result of evil CIA and other intelligence agencies honing their dark arts. All this is my theory. I have no proof but many of the pieces fit together in such a way that I see no other options. Think of it, he goes into their prison custody a conscientious man full of political dissent and he comes out a "woman" fully compliant with his captors. During the several years in their cages, he was held incommunicado for long durations of 9 months or more. What happened?