Monday, December 11, 2017

An Israeli Libertarian is Running for the Knesset

Walter Block calls Rafi Farber  "The Ron Paul of Israel."

In the below video, Faber discusses his policy positions. He is one of the three ZI candidates for Knesset. This video is overll impressive. However, I do want to make a comment on his position on Jerusalem. He is absolutely correct it shouldn't matter what America thinks. As far as his position that Jerusalem should be treated as the capital by Israelis and that the Temple Mount should be "retaken," I do not have enough familiarity with the history of  Jerusalem to hold a position one way or another as to whether this is a sound libertarian position. That said, everything else in this video is very sound.




Michael Edelstein emails:

Jews everywhere can vote on 17 Dec. for libertarian Rafi Farber for Knesset.


  1. Rafi Farber and Jeremy R. Hammond had a debate about Israel/libertarianism on the Tom Woods Show in September 2016:

  2. Temple mount is built under Muslim shrines. Easiest way to start a holy war.... as if the Jerusalem declaration of it being a solely Jewish entity isn't enough.