Friday, September 1, 2017

INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Utah Police Arrest Nurse for Doing Her Job

The below clip is shocking.

A nurse in Utah was forcibly arrested after she refused to draw blood from an unconscious patient.
The clip shows the interaction between nurse Alex Wubbels and Salt Lake City police Detective Jeff Payne at University Hospital in Salt Lake City.

She calmly explains to the copper that blood cannot be taken without a warrant from an unconscious patient unless that individual has been arrested.

 The footage provides insight into how police are far from the cop on the corner good guys of yesteryear.

They are now simply enforcers for the state and believe they are above the law.

The totalitarian state is growing.




  1. There is a contact form for the Salt Lake City Police Department. I urge everyone to leave comments about the behavior of Officer Jeff pain and this disrespect of legal procedure.

  2. Too broad a brush. My former Sheriff's Office wouldn't have tolerated that officer's behavior. We were very big on the Fourth.

  3. This might be the place:

    and/or call 801-799-3351

  4. I'm pretty sure that's called kidnapping but I'm just a mundane.

  5. Cops are scum. Period.

    The late Will Grigg referred to them as the state's "punitive priesthood" and he was absolutely correct.

  6. Sent this to my nurse sister. Nurses talk a lot with each other. There are nurse websites and far reaching networks via work and school. They should all see this.

  7. What's worse is that this happened July 26th. And only just today is "Detective" Jeff Payne being put on Administrative Leave AKA taxpayer funded vacation.

    If you put police on a pedestal eventually they expect it, eventually they demand it.

  8. To exaggerate a bit, this officer lives in a world of; do as I say or I will kill you.

    1. Perhaps but lets hope the civil suit on this breaks his back and has him living in the street being harassed by those that used to be his colleagues.