Monday, April 24, 2017

Is the US Getting Ready to Attack North Korea?;Unusual Full Senate Briefing Will Be Held by White House

The Trump administration is preparing to brief all 100 senators this week on the situation in North Korea, reports MarketWatch.

The unusual full-Senate briefing is scheduled for Wednesday, according to reports, and comes after Trump criticized North Korea’s “continued belligerence” in a phone call with President Xi Jinping of China on Sunday. In a separate call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, Trump discussed “the urgent security challenge posed by North Korea,” the White House said.

Trump hasn't  disclosed his intentions, but Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that in their Sunday phone call Trump “has indicated by his words and actions that all possible options are on the table.”

Reuters reports that all 100 senators have been invited to the White House for a briefing by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford.

It should also be noted that Vice President Mike Pence is cutting his Pacific trip short and will be back in Washington on Tuesday, one day earlier than scheduled.

Pence has been traveling around the Pacific rim, including stops in South Korea and Japan.  The vice president also visited Indonesia and Australia.

On Sunday, he arrived in arrived in Pago Pago, American Samoa but will skip a scheduled trip to visit the USS Arizona memorial at the Pearl Harbor site in Hawaii.



  1. So after 60 years NK suddenly pose a security challenge..Who do these globalists think they fool?

    1. The young ones, born long after the memory of the Korean War.

  2. So President Trump is going to "Make America Great Again" by literally opening the Gates to Hell, known in ancient times as the Plutonium, by creating 3 to 5 Chernobyl type meltdowns in North Korea. I guess the triad of 'Mad Dog' Matiss, Ivanka and Jared Kushner have no understanding of the term Downwinders.

    1. Care to detail what exactly you mean by "creating 3 to 5 Chernobyl type meltdowns"?

  3. If the US conduct a surgical attack to N.Korea, I just hope neither country use nuclear power. There are many leads indicating that US will
    strike N.Korea, and I wish I were wrong.

  4. I hope that Rand Paul gives Donald Trump and his warmongering cheerleaders in the US Senate a verbal upbraiding they never forget.

    Would that the Trump administration would bother briefing We The People as to why the US should be involved in yet another Eastern conflict that has no possible upside for the people of the United States.

  5. 2 choices: do nothing and hope for the best or remove the crazy fat kid from developing nukes.