Monday, February 6, 2017

Higgs Slams Trump

Robert Higgs writes:
No one is qualified to be president of the USA. The occupant of this office holds such incomprehensibly great power — the power to wreak havoc on the entire human race — that no one ought to be entrusted with it. But, sad to say, someone always does occupy the office. If I had to make a list of persons from the one I would most prefer to the one I would least prefer as president, Donald Trump would certainly stand at or very near the bottom of my list.

I find it nearly incomprehensible that so many people, even some who identify themselves as libertarians or (gasp!) anarchists, seem to have a positive opinion of this vile creature. And I regard it as an almost silly reason for liking him that he infuriates the progressives so greatly. He obviously conceives of the presidency as a position of elected dictatorship. He is as foolish and bloodthirsty in foreign relations as any establishment figure picked at random. He is an utter ignoramus in regard to economics. And his personal attributes are nothing short of a psychological train wreck. I hope my fellow freedom lovers will come to their senses soon. There are much more important matters at stake than simply discomfiting the leftists.


  1. Pissing of the politically correct is overdue but what a petty issue in the scheme of things. We are dealing with the freaking head of state here, the largest most destructive institution in our lives. Higgs is spot on.

  2. Everything that RW and Prof. Higgs say and have said about Trump is true. But can't we enjoy the self-immolation of the left and use it to permanently damage their "brand" with the general public?

    1. It was obvious to anyone who looked honestly at the demographic disconnect between the flawed construction of Obamacare and demographic reality in 2010, that Barack's Rube Goldberg like device was going to blow up in Democratic politicians faces. The photograph of Obama signing Obamacare on March 23rd, 2010 was used to destroy the Democratic Party for over 6 years. The self immolation of the Democratic Party is not a new event, but must be understood based on the elections in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016. It was all foreseeable, but the Democratic Party is lead by the eternally moronic Nancy Pelosi, who was just reelected to her post in the congress without a fight.

      The problem is that you can never put a morgue toe tag on the Democratic Party because Donald Trump is guided by such mentally disturbed warmongers that Donald could cause the Democratic Party to rise from the dead on a cold steel autopsy table.

  3. There are many things to dislike about Trump. But there are at least 2 significant things he is doing which we can cheer on.

    One is his relentless attack on the media. This attack is NOT simply a matter of pissing off the leftists, though there can be no doubt that it is having that effect. It is helping to undermine the credibility of the media that has played so central a role in giving the State's policies the appearance of legitimacy. Destroying the corrupt media is an essential part of reducing support for the State and its policies.

    Also, Trump is going after the State's most sacrosanct of sacred cows and quintessential Progressive enterprise, the government vaccine program. He is working on establishing a vaccine safety commission with RFK Jr. at its helm. Rumor has it that he may be coming out with an executive order in this area soon as well. He should be praised for doing this, and not only because the program is causing massive harm. Nothing could de-legitimatize the State more thoroughly or more quickly than a thorough exposure of the ways in which the CDC and FDA (and their partners in crime) have sold us out and endangered our health.

  4. As a Ron Paul supporter, I went for Trump knowing and expecting flaws. Dismantling the media, telling the PC crowd to stuff it, allowing church leaders to speak freely and not attacking all religious people, gun rights are all on the table with Trump.

    As Vox Day amply written, there is no point in being nice when dealing with SJW's. They all lie and are cowards and at this point their physical removal from society would be a great thing everybody. We need a bastard like Trump right now.

    Also, I"m happy that the illegal immigrants and other parasites will be kicked out soon. Higgs needs to pull his out of his butt and realize that a bunch of third worlders not assimilating is a problem waiting to fester. Bad enough our ghetto population can't assimilate. Maybe he could provide a libertarian argument to this issue when the libertarian mindset is rather exclusive to a certain group with particular melanin and cultural content.

    1. I would suggest backing away from Vox Day. ASAP. He is a nationalist and a protectionist, not a friend of liberty.

      Higgs is a much better voice to listen to. I agree there are problems with lack of assimilation but we can greatly reduce them but eliminating the welfare state and having a private property society (in which immigration is limited by property owners rather than arbitrary state decrees).