Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump to Issue Executive Order(s) This Week on Immigration

President Donald Trump is soon expected to seek sharp changes in U.S. immigration policy by using his executive power, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Trump is planning executive order(s) early this week on immigration, according to the paper. Among the orders, he is expected to reverse Obama administration rules protecting young people brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

Trump also is likely to reject refugees from Syria and other Muslim nations, and cut grant funding for so-called sanctuary cities that don’t cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Federal funding that might be targeted include Homeland Security grants to combat terrorism and Justice Department funding for community policing.

A mixed-bag here. Cutting government grants is always a plus, but Trump is using it as a hammer rather than motivated by a desire to shrink government.

Stopping the influx of refugees coming to the US on the government dole is also a plus.



  1. While I agree that it's a hammer against those cities, it is fun to watch these liberals squirm. I live in a suburbs in one of these "sanctuary cities" where the mayor is trying to take a stand. She's going to break. To me it's more popcorn.

    Of the refugee issue, hopefully, he'll keep to his promise about not interfering with other countries and imposing our "way of life". This way a good number of refugees won't need to become refugees or give the excuse anyways.

  2. Any immigrant has to have an income that reaches a certain level in order not to be a burden on the tax payer because they will consume more in taxes than they pay. This includes ALL of the low wage immigrants doing "jobs that Americans don't want to do".

  3. The instruction to Muslims in the islamic holy books is to work towards the world wide imposition of Islamic law. I hope he closes the mosques and sends all but the highly skilled Muslims back to their countries.

  4. "A mixed-bag here. Cutting government grants is always a plus, but Trump is using it as a hammer rather than motivated by a desire to shrink government."

    Who cares WHY he wants to do it, as long as he does it.
    If someone wanted to cut taxes from 34% to 30% just because he likes round numbers, why would be complain?

  5. Remember, RW is an open borders aficionado. He thinks any low IQ or even higher IQ third world immigrant should be admitted into the US. Millions are jobless or working two jobs, but RW thinks we need more.

    1. I agree. He refuses to look at the costs of low wage immigrants, who are ALL net tax consumers. Who cares when someone else effectively subsidizes your servant through, right, Wenzel?