Monday, January 23, 2017

Russia Defense Ministry Says Its Warplanes Have Flown First Combat Mission in Syria with US-Led Coalition Aircraft

Oh great, let's launch a US-Russia military attack alliance.

Yeah, Trump is going to be a peace candidate.

I didn't even think it would get this insane.


(via AP)


Clarification: Likely US cooperation with Russia via US providing target coordinates.

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  1. I thought the US and Russia were backing different sides in the Syrian conflict with Russia helping Assad and the US backing "rebels". Does this mean the US has stopped its policy of trying to overthrow Assad by backing various rebel groups, which have been reported to include terrorist organizations? If so, this is probably a good thing. Not because Assad is a good person, but because we don't need to create another political vacuum in the area for worse groups to take power, and because the Syrian people have been the biggest victims in all of this.