Sunday, January 1, 2017

Rand Paul Makes Roger Stone's Worst Dressed List

Oh dear,

Roger Stone has put Rand Paul second on his 11th Annual Worst Dressed List.

Rand missed the top slot only because Hillary Clinton appeared so often in what looked like tents.

Writes the debonair Stone:
Rand Paul: The son of libertarian icon Ron Paul has shown absolutely no interest in rehabbing his odd and poorly sized suits. We’re not asking him to trade his JC Penny multi-blend suit for a $10,000 properly tailored Brioni. We’re just asking he get a shirt with the proper sized color and a decent tie knot.
Of course, I would forgive Rand for his poor fashion sense, if he would go full out libertarian in 2017.

I'd cheer for him then even if he adopted Hillary's habit of wearing tents.



  1. $10K for a suit? there is wearing poor suits and there is overpaying ridiculously for suits. that might be fine if you are female and a celebrity on the red carpet for people to know your tailor.

  2. I guess I think, "So what?"

    Is Roger Stone a libertarian? Does his style or manner of dress make him more palatible poitically?